Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Role Of Books In Human Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Role Of Books In Human Life - Essay Example   Of course, school books at that time were more important, but I simultaneously developed a liking towards storybooks. I got my reading habit mostly from my elder sister who is four years older than me. She has always been a bookworm. She was a good student at school and I have always seen her studying for long hours. Other than school books she was an avid reader of children's novels and short stories. For her birthdays she used to request our relatives to gift her with books. Her birthday falls four days ahead of me and as a result, both our birthdays were celebrated on the same day. I remember she used to get piles of books and for the next few weeks, I used to see her absorbed in those books. Whenever she finished with one book she used to give me that book and told me to read it. Initially, I showed little interest in reading any books other than school books, but gradually as she encouraged me to read I started reading short bedtime stories by children’s authors. My i nterest slowly developed in books but I was the founder of watching movies than reading books. As we grew up and started attending high school I could see my sister's love for books grow with time. I still remember she bought the membership in a local circulating library when she was in the eleventh standard. Every week she used to borrow two to three books and then she spent long hours into the night to read them. Those days I used to find it difficult to comprehend how one can lose sleep for books.... But the book which turned me into a serious reader was handed over to me by my sister when I was in the ninth standard. It was Doctors by an American author Erich Segal. The book grabbed my attention from the very first page and as soon as I finished it I wanted to read more books of the same author. From that day onwards my sister used to borrow books from the library both for her and for me. As I read more books of Erich Segal, my love for books grew rapidly. I found myself getting more interested in novels rather than short stories. I developed my interest in fiction novels. Non-fiction and classics never grabbed my interest. My Favourite Author I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime. I have read books of every genre like adventure, romance, thrillers, comedy and even horror. My favourite author is a British writer Jeffrey Archer. I have read almost all his books including the latest one Only Time Will Tell. The unexpected twists and turns in his books and the fact that the characters are never larger than life are what I find most engrossing. The Book that influenced me the most Although I mostly admire books of Jeffrey Archer, but the book that has left a lasting effect on me is Love Story by an American author Erich Segal. Segal’s books are always rich with emotions. Love Story is a novel based on two people Oliver and Jennifer from completely different family backgrounds. They are bonded by the strong love that they feel for each other. It is a story how they meet and then very soon fall in love with each other. They get married even though Oliver’s father was dead against the marriage. Later on Jennifer gets terminally ill and dies at the end of the book. It also portrayed the various attempts of Jennifer to unite the father with his

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