Monday, November 18, 2019

Maintaining and Creating Digital Data Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Maintaining and Creating Digital Data - Essay Example The sharing of data could be identified in terms of technological and organizational data. Data sharing by an organization is the free utility of another entity’s data in the automated or manual form. On the other hand, technological sharing of data is the potential to have one data of an agency used by a different type of automated system. The current demand for a database that is shared has been justified due to the increased hurdles in the establishment of a nationwide system and policy that follows a shared policy database. The scenario may become difficult and complicated in a political and geographical situation that occurred in India. The increasing realization of the rewards of the toe shared database organizations and authorities in India have been paying increased attention towards this direction. The establishment of the national infrastructure spatial database for the country is one of the efforts. Qatar is one country that has set nationwide GIS within the country . This is known as the first nation that adopted a nationwide policy of GIS that has been a model for different enterprise in the entire world. In fact, the Qatar nationwide GIS and the lesson from the successful implementation motivated the development of the NSDI in   Qatar is a country that lies in the continent of the central Asian. The country lies on the Saudi Arabia eastern coast, next to the Arabian Gulf. It is a small country falling in the 26 10 and 24 27 latitudes north and the 51 40 and 50 45 longitudes East covering about a space of 11521kn squared. Qatar’s territorial waters extend approximately 51 nautical miles north and 95 nautical miles east of the Arabian Gulf. The country has about 533 thousand residents according to the census in 1997. This state is an independent state in Arab. It is a state that accepts the charter of the united nations that support the rights of all nations and peoples towards self-determination.

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