Thursday, October 17, 2019

No topic Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

No topic - Case Study Example Any form of emergency measure involves a set of complex chain of tasks, players, and resources, in a channel of coordination that is embedded on interdependencies for an efficient and smooth recovery of operations (Turoff 2002, 29-32). This paper makes an attempt to investigate what factors were responsible for the business crisis to arise in Rio Tinto, Japan, especially for resuming on a normal day, just after the calamity. This necessitates the need for more coordination and management of the extremities thereafter and what procedures and mechanisms to be typically utilized for coordination, decision-making and product development. Using exact criteria and in the light of the current practices of operations and resources utilizing this case study, this paper has been strategically organized as follows, a brief description of the issues, causes, alternatives, preceding the decision criteria for implementation of strategic alternatives, along with the recommended approach. The major issues that are typically emerging after any form of emergency are mostly having a relation to interdependencies in a business, as a business has multiple-level of interdependencies in terms of job responsibilities, resources, assigned personnel, and the flow of information. These are physically scattered across geographies, boundaries and departments. Therefore, any rebuilding task after an emergency involves a strategic response of either reconsidering the existing entities, dismissing others and to reconstruct throughout the course of responses to rebuild the premise. The standard procedures include standardization, planning, mutual adjustment and routine analysis (Malone 1994, 357-370; AlaybeyoÄŸlu, Albayrak and Gà ¼rbà ¼z 2012, 1-4). These decisions, howsoever varied and dynamic, will provide directions on problems solving using interdependencies. Product-design, supply-chain management, resource-management, are all affected in the course of the sudden change,

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