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The American Revolution The Battle Of Bunker Hill

The American Revolution Following the war in a loose chronological order, the main turning points of the American Revolution began as the war itself began. Lexington and Concord, while not being â€Å"turning points† per say, were the kick-off. What followed was the erroneously name â€Å"Battle of Bunker Hill†. Bunker Hill, while not officially a ‘win† for the patriots, served two purposes. With British casualties outnumbering Colonial loses nearly 3 to 1 (1,054 British to about 400 Colonial), and Congress’ call for all able bodied men to join the militia, the war was in full swing; but it was not the warfare that the British had expected (Shi). Professor Freeman, in her lecture titled: â€Å"The Logic of a Campaign (or, How in the World Did We Win?)†, talks about â€Å"logistical† problems that the British Army faced. First and foremost was the simple problem of supply and demand; regarding both fighting men and basic supplies. England was an ocean away and America’s ports were not always welcoming. Second was the actual lay of the land. British forces were not accustomed to fighting over such a vastly spread out region, nor were the accustomed to guerilla style warfare (Freeman). So we can look at General George Washington’s tactics of â€Å"engage, retreat and exhaust the enemy†, we can look at significant battles such as Bunker Hill, Fort Ticonderoga, and most certainly the shocking outcome at Saratoga, and we clearly see that Patriot resistance to the British forces in New England and New YorkShow MoreRelatedThe Battle At Bunker Hill1255 Words   |  6 PagesThe Battle at Bunker Hill had many events leading up to, and causing the event. The first of these was the Battle at Lexington and Concord which ultimately slowed the British down and keeping them inside Boston by Minute Men. Then Fort Ticonderoga was captured by Benedict Arnold, and the Green Mountain Boys. These two events were the start of the tensions between Great Britain and the Colonies. Later this tension became physical and appearing on the battle field. The Colonies decided they neededRead MoreThe War Of The Revolutionary War1182 Words   |  5 PagesRevolutionary War, the Ame rican rebels did just as the great French military and political leader, Napoleon Bonaparte advised, â€Å"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake†. Though there were a great deal of missed opportunities and misguided actions taken by both sides of this war, none were as great as those by the ministers in London and British Generals Howe and Burgoyne. However, of these three, one held a great deal of responsibility for Britain’s failure to suppress the American rebels by 1777Read MoreThe Battle Of Bunker Hill1399 Words   |  6 Pagesaround Boston during the early American Revolution including the Battle of Bunker hill set the stage for an eventual American victory by the growing hatred of Britain and the colonists roots of freedom, this battle showed that the patriots had a chance, and it lowered the spirits of the British. What we learn from the Battle of Bunker hill is that even though the colonists lost this battle, the colonists gave the British ma ny dead and casualties on their side and held the hill for a long time. This showedRead MoreFirst Fight : The Birth Of The Army1665 Words   |  7 Pages FIRST TO FIGHT: THE BIRTH OF THE ARMY USAACE NCOA SSG Bryan J. Lowney 15Z SLC 17-003 SFC Maradol â€Æ' Americans have had a sense of freedom and independence since before there was a United States of America. Americans have always believed in their way of life; they have been fighting for their way of life since before their country existed. The battles of Lexington and Concord happened during April of 1775. These military engagements were accomplished by the Massachusetts State militia;Read MoreThe Outbreak Of The American Revolution952 Words   |  4 Pageshistorical factors that contributed to the outbreak of the American Revolution. The American Revolution began in the mid 1700’s and ended in the late 1700’s and took place in the thirteen American colonies. It was all caused by many different wars and conflicts between the British and the American Colonists. There were many contributions to the outbreak such as, the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, the French and Indian War, the Battle of Bunker Hill and many other conflictions. All of these fights andRead MoreEssay about COL Prescott’s Command in the Battle of Breed’s Hill1344 Words   |  6 Pagesin the Brecourt Manor Assault. This battle is a textbook example of how to fight against a superior enemy force that outnumbered the unit by four times as much. Facing overwhelming odds with just 16 paratroopers against over 60 German Soldiers, 1LT Winters nevertheless prevails and succeeds in achieving his objective while minimizing casualties to just three Soldiers lost. Looking back further into the American Revolution, the Battle of Bunker Hill on the American side is one of the earliest examplesRead MoreEssay on The Battle of Bunker Hill1050 Words   |  5 PagesTaking place in 1775, at the start of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bunker Hill was a needed victory early in the war to get the soldiers to believe in themselves. Many soldiers in the beginning of the war did not believe that the lowly colonists could defeat and declare independence from a superpower; Britain. Although outnumbered and with little confidence, the continental army stood their ground at the Battle of Bunker Hill and proved that they could win the war. The colonies were inRead MoreOutcomes of Revolution1502 Words   |  7 PagesOutcomes of the Revolution Part 1 Complete the grid by describing each military event and explaining its relationship to the outcome of the Revolutionary War. |Military Event |Description |Relationship to the Outcome of the Revolutionary War | | |These two battles were the first battles in the Revolutionary War. They were two |The outcome of these two battles was devastatingRead MoreThe Battle Of Bunker Hill908 Words   |  4 PagesThe Battle of Bunker Hill is one of the first battles of the American Revolution,it is after the battles of Lexington and concord about two months.(Brown 2)Although commonly referred to as the Battle of Bunker Hill, most of the fighting occurred on nearby Breed’s Hill,which is in Charlestown, Massachusetts.(McGill 1)The battle is on June 17,1775.The British wanted to extend their control outside the limits of Boston.(Grayson 40)After three attack,Americans fight hard but lose.(Brown 3) In June,thousandsRead MoreThe Battle Of Saratoga And Concord1208 Words   |  5 PagesThe American Revolution is commonly known worldwide as the parting of the 13 colonies from the mother country of Britain. This war is unquestionably the most important event in American History due to the many sacrifices of our brave citizens of America as well as the experience in order to accomplish triumph over Britain and gain independence. Although there are far more factors than the battle itself that contributed to the win over Britain however, many battles have affected the momentum of the

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